Maintaining nature long-term as the livelihood of future generations.

Education is unimaginable without interpersonal encounter.

Strengthening children and youth in their individuality and development potential.

Putting personal encounters front and center.

Valuing human beings in all their dimensions.



The Software AG Foundation (SAGST) is an independent charitable foundation under German civil law with headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. We are not a corporate foundation; rather, the foundation is the principal shareholder in the Software AG company, also located in the research town of Darmstadt. The founder of both, the company and the foundation, is Dr. h. c. Peter Schnell, who in the 1990s transferred his company shares to the foundation.

Since its founding, SAGST has been using the profits on more than 1.2 billion euros in foundation assets to support projects organized by independent charitable organizations in Europe and Brazil that directly and exclusively serve the common good.

SAGST supports initiatives not only in the areas of Education, Children and Youth, Assistance for the Elderly and Individuals with Disabilitiese but also in Anthroposophical Medicine as well as scientific and practically-oriented projects in Nature and Agriculture.

In total, we co-enable an average of about 250 projects per year that create healing social impulses for the (further) development of people and society. SAGST ranks among the largest foundations in Germany, measured both in terms of assets and total grant making to further its goals. 


Biology Lessons

A new practical handbook supported by SAGST provides valuable ideas for teaching biology in upper-level Waldorf schools. The German-language handbook is titled “Biologie in der Waldorfschule”.


Biology Lessons

A new practical handbook supported by SAGST provides valuable ideas for teaching biology in upper-level Waldorf schools. The German-language handbook is titled “Biologie in der Waldorfschule”.

Portrait photo of Georg Seifert

The recently-published book „Von Anfang an gesund“ („Healthy from the Start“) informs parents how they can naturally strengthen their child’s healing powers. One of the authors is Prof. Dr. med. Georg Seifert, holder of a SAGST endowed chair for integrative medicine at the Berliner Charité hospital.

Main building of the neighborhood farm

People from around 60 different countries live in the Sahlkamp neighborhood of Hannover, which has the highest population of children in the city. About half of the residents have a migrant background. In this inner-city area, a neighborhood farm has been in operation since 1992. Its goal: city development through integrated work with children and young people as well as a close network between parents, local educational establishments, and youth aid organizations. 

Photo of the Earthship at Tempelhof community

How self-sufficiently do we want to live? How CO2-neutral can our lives become? How do we construct eco-friendly buildings that protect our resources? Five years ago, questions like these were the impetus for the Schloss Tempelhof community to construct the first Earthship in Germany.

Heydenmuehlen Team says "thank you" for the fundraising campaign with a group photo

Since 2005, the Echo media group has organized a major annual donation drive. In 2019/2020, the collected donations will benefit five multi-generation projects in South Hessen. The supported organizations include an intergenerational café in Darmstadt, a residential facility for the disabled in Otzberg, programs for seniors in Büttelborn and Oberzent, and the civic foundation of Heppenheim.

Children who think in images being taught on a Demeter farm

A number of projects of Software AG Stiftung have been concerned with the phenomenon of those people sometimes referred to as the “people who think in images”. A recent large-scale investigation conducted by the University of Hamburg provides further insight into the special way that this fine body of people perceive the world. Software AG Stiftung has, through said investigation, been put in a position to provide targeted financial support.

Further Projects