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Press Releases

Portrait of Markus Ziener

Darmstadt, 7. July 2014. The Board of Trustees of the Software AG Foundation appointed Markus Ziener as a new board member in its session on July 4, 2014. Ziener has been the director of asset management for the foundation since November 15, 2013 and will join the current four-member board starting on August 1, 2014.

Kulturgutexpress 2014: True-to-seed varieties not a given, even in organic farming – Conservation of natural life requires research and commitment – Costs must be shared by all market participants.

Grain field

Kulturgutexpress 2014: Travellers and supporters of the specially chartered train issue an urgent warning regarding the lost of seed diversity – Livelihood of humans and animals in danger - Setting examples for contemporary thought and action.

Older women and caregiver

Hannover/Darmstadt. Education researcher Heike Lubnitz has developed an entirely new approach to dealing with the challenges of dementia and disabilities. Her research was the subject of a doctoral dissertation completed at Leibnitz University in Hannover. The Software AG Foundation provided financial support for the project.