Strengthening children and teens in their unique development potential.


Children and Youth

Bare walls, grey linoleum floors, neon lighting – the intensive care station is not the kind of place where children and adolescents can develop in age-appropriate ways. Yet some children have to spend a majority of their lives in such an environment because they rely on constant mechanical respiration. The Luftikus organization was founded with...

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When children become severely or terminally ill or experience the loss of a near relative, the most important thing - next to the best possible medical care - is gentle caregiving. During this time it is of the utmost importance that the child, siblings and family members all receive the support they need to manage trauma and avoid long-term...

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What's really needed in our society, and what can one individual contribute? 18 years ago, actress Barbara Wollrath-Kramer asked herself these very questions - and found a very unique answer when she founded the project TheaterTotal in Bochum.

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In Germany, educational success and cultural and social participation remain closely tied to background and origin. Developmental opportunities for children and teens vary widely; often, poverty and a lack of resources result in limited opportunities for participation. This is where the theatre laboratory in Bielefeld, with its project "My World -...

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