Strengthening children and teens in their unique development potential.


Children and Youth

The periods of childhood and young adulthood are of critical importance for personality development and participation in sociocultural life. Today, the oft-quoted "village" that it takes to raise a child is no longer available to many children and youth.

The Software AG Foundation supports projects for children and youth that strengthen them in their individuality and foster their developmental potential. An emphasis on various forms of social togetherness as well as meaningful activities in craftsmanship or the arts are both considered important.

When selecting projects, we place a high value on the guidance of young people by qualified adults involved in the project on a professional or volunteer basis.

The spectrum of projects supported by the Software AG Foundation ranges from preventative work with parents and early intervention programmes, to ambulatory social work and group homes, to residential treatment for youth and work with truants, to projects which achieve their aims with cultural education programmes.  It is important that problems are not simply managed; rather, programmes should create impulses that lead to long-term, sustainable improvement.

Applicants should be recognized as a Jugendhilfeträger (youth welfare organisation) according to § 75 KJHG (Child and Youth Services Act) and have a local and institutional network in place.




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