Personal development results in changes that last for a lifetime.



Education and personal development would be unimaginable without interpersonal contact and encounter. We recognize that education depends above all on the presence of role models. Likewise, personal development is essentially a matter of fostering the potential and abilities that are already present in children and youth. When young people believe that they are capable of shaping their own life stories, an important foundation for a life-long enthusiasm for learning and intellectual development as well as for healthy personal development has been set.

The Software AG Foundation supports implementation of these ideals in various, but consistent ways - by supporting reform kindergartens and schools as well as corresponding training and education centers for teachers. These programmes create important momentum and new impetus for the public education and training system.  By supporting independent schools and organisations that employ reform pedagogy or alternative education methods, as well as research projects focused on these topics, the Software AG Foundation contributes to the further development of the entire education system.

Because diversity is key to a society's pluralistic self-understanding in democratic countries, diversity should also prevail in our education and training systems. The rights of individuals to make educational choices based on religion, worldview and pedagogical points of view, set down in Article 14 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, should become a matter of course.