Sustaining the natural world as the vital livelihood of future generations.


Natural Resources

The Software AG Foundation supports the use and development of nature by human beings in such a way that humans remain in intimate relationship with nature and that nature, the vital livelihood of future generations, is itself sustained and nurtured.

A conservationist approach, which restricts the access of human beings to nature, is not a part of our funding aims.

In the area of natural resource development, the Software AG Foundation focuses on projects (including both scientific research and practical application) in the following areas:

  • Soil fertility, especially humus improvement
  • Development of plant varieties suitable for organic / biodynamic farming and without genetic engineering, so that stable plant varieties develop whose seeds can be sown again the following year
  • Animal breeding, keeping and feeding methods suitable for organic / biodynamic farming and without genetic engineering
  • Cloning and embryo transfer in order to develop or preserve breeds that are well adapted to regional conditions and that provide long-life efficiency rather than short-term maximum profitability
  • Improvements in the quality of our food so that it nourishes the body, soul and spirit of human beings
  • Landscape cultivation for the sake of creating a diverse interaction between, for example, field, forest, meadow, hedges, fruit trees, animals and people
  • Training programmes in biodynamic agriculture
  • Agricultural projects which address the above-listed themes bio-dynamically or organically

The people involved in the project should have an awareness of the interconnectedness of in the natural world. This is important to the Software AG Foundation.

The conventional research methods existing to date should be complemented by the development of new methods that respect the living and the spiritual side of nature, rather than limiting themselves to the material and technical side.