We support initiatives that generate new, socially relevant findings.


Science and Research

The Software AG Foundation supports scientific projects in the following areas:

  • Research in biodynamic breeding and agriculture
  • Anthroposophical medicine
  • Education, with an emphasis on teacher training for reform pedagogical schools

The development of new theories or processes is emphasised just as strongly as support for initiatives that generate new, socially relevant findings or that demonstrate immediate relevance for improving existing practices. 

Forms of support can include, for example:

  • Foundation-sponsored academic chairs
  • Research projects in the above-mentioned areas
  • Support for young researchers in the form of PhD or habilitation scholarships in the above-mentioned areas  

Financial support for scientific projects is granted under the conditions that the project is innovative in its choice of topic and contents and meets the methodological standards of scientific work and research. In-house experts as well as cooperation partners from national and international schools and universities, as well as research institutes outside the scientific mainstream, are available to provide assessment, consultation and oversight for research projects.