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Protecting People and Bees

Photo: C. Fischer

Bees – and other pollinating insects – are irreplaceable not only for food production, but also for the diversity and beauty of the natural world. That’s why the Aurelia Foundation is working to foster agricultural practices that are life-promoting and pesticide-free. As board member Thomas Radetzki notes, “This ecological orientation protects the biodiversity of bumblebees and other bees, but also addresses the global challenges of hunger, climate change, and soil fertility.”

“Pesticide control – protecting people and bees” is one of numerous issues for the Aurelia Foundation, which in 2016 relocated its offices to Berlin. In the German capital and beyond, the foundation works as an independent defender of bees, bumblebees, and their relatives in institutes, politics, and media. The foundation both carries out its own activities and supports other groups whose projects focus on protecting pollinators.

Christian Wüst, the responsible project manager at SAGST, notes: “The Aurelia Foundation profits from an exceptional network of experts, and it makes accessible current research and combines it with practical action. Thus, the foundation strengthens our sense of responsibility towards nature and motivates and activates personal engagement.”