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Change in the management at SAGST: In 2020, Peter Augustin will succeed Helmut Habermehl

Helmut Habermehl, who has been the Chairman of the Executive Board of Software AG Stiftung - A Foundation (SAGST) since 2011, will, after 20 years of service, step down to retire at the turn of the year 2019/20. As successor to Mr. Habermehl, who is almost 69 years of age, the Board of Trustees has appointed Peter Augustin. He will be responsible in future for the “Human Resources, Communication and Administration” Department. Mr. Augustin has been the Communications Officer at SAGST since 2013, and already joined the Foundation Management Team in 2019, in his capacity as Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board. “I am looking forward to the new responsibility”, commented the 40-year-old about his future job at the Darmstadt-based Charitable Foundation. “Helmut Habermehl has done valuable work for many years, both internally and externally, as Chairman of the Executive Board at SAGST. I am now happy to take up the baton, and would like to thank our Board of Trustees for the confidence that they have placed in me. Following a year of intensively familiarizing myself with the work on the Board, it is an honor for me to succeed Mr. Habermehl, and be allowed to codesign the future of the foundation, as Chairman of the Executive Board, in the new year.”

A blessed Advent, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

If we look back over the past year, we are filled with gratitude and truly humbled by the very many projects that we have had the opportunity to bring to fruition in 2019. In close cooperation with our partners and applicants, we have succeeded in carrying the healing impetus into the world. This has us looking forward to many further inspiring and effective encounters in the New Year. We wish you all the very best for the year ahead.

The Management and Employees of Software AG Foundation

Taking as a basis the central idea of “not talking about, but with those who grow up in the world of media”, SAGST has obtained support of a special sort for the third edition of its foundation magazine: Schoolchildren who have been able to practice media competence in a quite practical way, supplement the printed publication with their text, film or radio contributions published online.

In this short interview discussing the 2018 financial numbers, CFO Markus Ziener discusses challenges, performance, the foundation’s investment strategy, and the importance of sustainability for asset management.

Logo Learnig from Partners

Learning from each other – that is the principle behind the “Learning from Partners” study, which asked the grant applicants and support partners of eight German foundations about their cooperation experiences. In the case of the Software AG Foundation, the feedback from the study will enrich our concept of impact-oriented foundation activity.