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Logo Learnig from Partners

Learning from each other – that is the principle behind the “Learning from Partners” study, which asked the grant applicants and support partners of eight German foundations about their cooperation experiences. In the case of the Software AG Foundation, the feedback from the study will enrich our concept of impact-oriented foundation activity.

Christmas is almost upon us and the new year is right around the corner. It is the time of year to pause, but also an opportunity for the Software AG Foundation to thank our friends and like-minded individuals as well as partners and service providers.

In this short interview, Board member and CFO Markus Ziener not only explains the background and contents of the publication, but also discusses the investment strategy of the foundation.

Advent wreath with Christmas Card

Grateful for the interesting impulses and conversations in 2017, we wish our project partners and applicants a merry Christmas, peaceful holidays and a happy New Year!

Project Manager and artist Christoph Teixira

Artist and project manager Christoph Teixeira speaks in an interview about the Software AG Foundation's new logo, his artistic strategy, and the intended effect of the new colors and forms.