As a foundation we look for people 
who are working for the common good. 
We give them courage 
to tread new paths.

As a foundation we look for people who are working for the common good. We give them courage to tread new paths.


Why We Support

Holistic Impulses

It is only possible to heal that which is out of balance. And to identify imbalances, we must look deeply into the world and attempt to understand it, to become conscious of where and with what energies we can work together to bring processes and developments back into balance. This motivation is essential to how Software AG Foundation (SAGST) acts as a foundation.

Seeking and Finding

We work together and in direct contact with the people and groups who are active “on the ground” to further societal development, with the common aim of finding answers to current challenges. Often, the solutions that we encourage through our financial or practical support are found outside of the mainstream. In general, we come into contact with these projects because they approach us directly in the form of grant applications. In addition to these support activities, however, as a foundation we also search for fields of action. For example, we initiate larger projects that can serve as lighthouses – that is, exemplary projects that set the tone for an entire focal area; or, we may define a central challenge as a focus that we then approach holistically.

“Our Strategy is Conversation”

The strategic quality of our foundation’s activities is developed in close contact and exchange with representatives from the focal areas we support – which is according to the intention of the founder. In this way, as a foundation we can discern diverse social challenges, work on overarching aims, and identify key questions. By bundling initiatives and projects in this way, we increase the benefit for the common good. At the same time, we strive to work together as equals with our project partners, as we see ourselves as a learning organization. In our view, ultimately the only constants in life are permanent change and development.

Anthroposophically Motivated, Pluralistically Oriented

The foundation’s commitments are grounded in the values formulated in our preamble. They take their impetus from the ideas of Dr. Rudolf Steiner regarding anthroposophy as a path of knowledge and insight. “Anthroposophy” is never understood in a religious or dogmatic sense – which would, for example, restrict our point of view or limit our support to projects that mention anthroposophy by name. Rather, we understand anthroposophy as an approach that expands our perception. It demands fruitful and productive exchange with other philosophies and world perspectives as well as dialog with numerous scientific and academic disciplines. This plurality is important to us not only in the projects we fund, but also in our employees, who contribute diverse perspectives regarding the further development of our foundation.