The projects we support 
are our windows onto the world.

The projects we support are our windows onto the world.


What We Support


At the heart of the Software AG Foundation’s work are human beings in their complete and holistic development, from elementary school to assistance for the elderly. In this context, we pay special attention to those human beings who, in their biographies, require assistance and support – for example, helping individuals with disabilities or children and young people. We consider the human being within his entire context, which is why themes such as nutrition, nature, and human-centered medicine also fall within the scope of our support. In all areas, we also support research and scientific inquiry. We have defined specific key themes in each funding area.

As a non-profit foundation that in turn only funds non-profit projects and organizations, we focus on charitable and beneficial aims, as defined by German law. In terms of organization, our project managers work in the following teams:

Our project insights section provides you with colorful impressions of our diverse support work and the kinds of project activities that our partners carry out. Not all of these can be clearly assigned to only one funding area. It is frequently the case that we support projects that combine various areas: for example, inclusiveness, multi-generational housing projects, or school gardens. As a foundation, thinking across categories is second nature to us.