Growing up in a healthy way with media: Foundation magazine on the topic of “Media education”

In times where the media is becoming ever more powerful, it is essential to put the human touch at the forefront. Media education has a special role in that respect. School is supposed to prepare people for a life with the media, and enable them to look into how media works, and how it influences us, from their own inner resources. From May to November 2019, schoolchildren have been able to develop this critical perspective, as well as the capacity to use media independently, and to do so in sensible contexts, in a media project which Software AG Stiftung – A Foundation has called into being on the occasion of its third edition of the “implizit” magazine being published. Taking as a basis the central idea of “not talking about, but WITH those who grow up in the world of media”, SAGST had, for this purpose, invited schoolchildren from Düsseldorf and Mönchengladbach to assist it with a cross-media publication on the topic of “Growing up in a healthy way with media”. Specifically, these young media experts have, in collaboration with the media educationalist Franz Glaw, volunteered to design the graphics and content of a website ( which supplements the foundation magazine of SAGST. Read more about the project that is being supported by the foundation financially, conceptually and organizationally in the current edition of “implizit”. Besides contributions concerning the topic of “Media Education”, the magazine also provides assistance regarding media fasting and an insight into select projects being funded by the foundation that look into the benefits and risks of media immersion today.