The projects we support
are our windows onto the world.

The projects we support
are our windows onto the world.

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The goal of our public relations work is to make our current activities and exemplary projects more visible. That’s why the people and initiatives that we support take center stage, both in our print publications and on our website. Lighthouse projects both large and small are given a special place.

Here, we provide short updates that reveal current happenings among our projects. In addition, we present in-depth reports and interviews that create a vivid picture of the initiatives that our foundation is privileged to enable and support.

To make this possible, our public relations team visits many of the projects together with the responsible project managers and gets to know the organizations and people on location.

We hope that these reports, in text and image, help to orient engaged individuals regarding possible support from the Software AG Foundation (SAGST) – and encourage them to tread new paths.

Hofgut Himmelreich: Making Adult Education inclusive

Flipchart with workshop situation in the background
Photo: R. Pietsch

Hofgut Himmelreich in Kirchzarten in the Black Forest is one of the first inclusive companies in Germany where people with and without disabilities have been working side by side since 2003. The initiative sees opportunity in diversity and individuality and promotes respectful cooperation. Nearly 50 employees, more than half of whom have assistance needs, run a hotel and restaurant as well as the Himmelreich Academy, which provides vocational training, continuing education and counselling. Those responsible want to create encounters on equal footing in this field as well, where people with the most diverse backgrounds can learn and work together. New adult education approaches are set in particular by the “BaLIE – Barrierefreies Lernen in der Erwachsenenbildung” (barrier-free learning in adult education) project funded by SAGST. With its barrier-free digital learning modules, the adult education centre’s existing adult teaching qualification course “Erwachsenenpädagogischen Qualifikation (EPQ)” is tailored to meet the needs of people with impairments so that they can become active as course leaders in the future.

“It’s about time that people with assistance needs are recognised as providers of education in equal measure”, says Jens Maurer, who is responsible for the project at the Foundation. “Not only does this boost their self-confidence, but it also promotes inclusive processes in vocational training – something that benefits everyone involved.” The new offer allows people with impaired vision and hearing as well as people with physical, psychological or mental handicaps to contribute their individual strengths as course instructors in the future. Moreover, the Himmelreich Academy wants to work with adult education centres as well as the Ecumenical Adult Education Centre in Freiburg to develop a barrier-free education network on a supra-regional level and to raise awareness of the requirements of an accessible educational landscape. For example, the newly designed EPQ modules form a valuable foundation that can be used not only in Baden-Württemberg but also nationwide for the further development of inclusive adult education.

Being close to nature, appreciating and protecting it – this is the educational objective the charitable association urwüchsig e. V. (meaning ‘unspoilt’) is pursuing with the forest and meadow kindergarten it opened in the Rhine-Neckar region in April 2022. This parents’ initiative provides boys and girls from the age of three with a variety of spaces for adventure, in which the focus is on responsible action and a lively community.

Even more space for inclusion and mutual acceptance on equal footing: with the construction of a new meeting centre, multifunctional rooms for group lunches, workshops or evening events are being created at Sonnhalde Gempen.

The Christliche Sozialstation in Bad Dürkheim at the edge of Palatinate Forest in southwest Germany supports elderly people in need of assistance and care as well as their relatives. At the end of 2021, it was able to move into a barrier-free new building that finally has enough room for all the services – from everyday care to care for the dying. They have even been able to add new services such as a nostalgia café.

At the trauma therapy centre of the Hamburg-based association Ankerland, a multi-professional team helps children and adolescents to cope with psychological injuries. A need that is even greater after the stressful experiences of the coronavirus pandemic.