Maintaining nature long-term 
as the livelihood 
of future generations.

Maintaining nature long-term as the livelihood of future generations.

Education is unimaginable 
without interpersonal encounter.

Education is unimaginable without interpersonal encounter.

Strengthening children and youth 
in their individuality 
and development potential.

Strengthening children and youth in their individuality and development potential.

Putting personal encounters 
front and center.

Putting personal encounters front and center.

Valuing human beings 
in all their dimensions.

Valuing human beings in all their dimensions.



The Software AG Foundation (SAGST) is an independent charitable foundation under German civil law with headquarters in Darmstadt, Germany. We are not a corporate foundation; rather, the foundation is the principal shareholder in the Software AG company, also located in the research town of Darmstadt. The founder of both, the company and the foundation, is Dr. h. c. Peter Schnell, who in the 1990s transferred all company shares to the foundation.

Since its founding, SAGST has been using the profits on more than 1.2 billion euros in foundation assets to support projects organized by independent charitable organizations in Europe and Brazil that directly and exclusively serve the common good.

SAGST supports initiatives not only in the areas of Education, Children and Youth, Assistance for the Elderly and Individuals with Disabilitiese but also in Anthroposophical Medicine as well as scientific and practically-oriented projects in Nature and Agriculture.

In total, we co-enable an average of about 250 projects per year that create healing social impulses for the (further) development of people and society. SAGST ranks among the largest foundations in Germany, measured both in terms of assets and total grant making to further its goals. 


Auszubildende und Ausbilder auf dem Acker

Organic farming is urgently looking for qualified up-and-coming professionals. Interest and demand among aspiring Demeter farmers and gardeners are great; however, they have always been trained in independent programs that do not receive any public funding. A pilot project in Lower Saxony is now seeking state accreditation as an alternative school.


Exotischer Marktstand

What does what I eat have to do with global food sovereignty? What does it mean for my ecological footprint if I consume meat every day? The BIOPOLI youth education project of Hamburg’s Agrar Koordination association provides an insight into and information about what these and other issues have to do with agriculture and nutrition.

Diesterweg-Familien beim Auftakttreffen 2019

Pride and joy for the participants in the fourth graduating class of the Diesterweg scholarship. Next Saturday, they will celebrate the completion of the two-year educational programme for students and their families. This time, the coronavirus pandemic demanded a great deal of flexibility and open minds from all those involved.

Studentengruppe im Seminar

All over the country, Waldorf schools are urgently looking for new teaching staff. But how do you actually become a Waldorf teacher? We interviewed two Alanus students about their experiences in their undergraduate studies and part-time master’s degree in Mannheim and Alfter.

Angehende ÄrztInnen bei der Patientenbesprechung

What does anthroposophic medicine entail? Clear answers to this question are provided in the recently released documentary entitled “Die Kunst des Heilens” (The Art of Healing), which presents various fields of work in this integrative extension of conventional medicine. Another topic is fuelling the talent pipeline – such as at Witten/Herdecke University, where students can learn more about anthroposophic perspectives in the course of their regular medical studies.

Zwei Menschen mit und ohne Assistenzbedarf auf Augenhöhe

What basic and specific skills do specialists working with severely disabled people need? How can quality be increased and ensured in the relevant places of work or educational organisations? A research project offers valuable impulses for training and continuing education.

Jugendliche mit Assistenzbedarf Arm in Arm

More creative freedom and more case-specific support for people requiring assistance, yet more bureaucracy, with quite a few unresolved questions pending: Benjamin Andrae, a Board Member of the Anthropoi Federation, explains, in an interview, the state of affairs in matters relating to the Federal Participation Act. He comments that, for institutions of the anthroposophical social care system, the present reforms opened up development prospects, which may lead to a new quality in community...

Further Projects