More Waldorf Teachers for northern Germany

Teacher with child playing in the dollhouse; in the background a rocking horse
Photo: C. Fischer

Waldorf schools and kindergartens are urgently looking for educational specialists throughout Germany. A few years ago, the Waldorf-Fach- und Berufsfachschule für Sozialpädagogik (technical and vocational school for Waldorf social education) in Hamburg emerged as a place for qualified training and continuing education in northern Germany, where educators have also been trained since 2021.

Waldorf-trained educators are desperately needed, and this technical school promises to provide important relief for institutions in northern Germany. Having already set up several classes for the two-year training to prepare state-accredited social education assistants, the technical school expanded its offer as a vocational school in 2021. The training and continuing education to become an educator is designed to last three years and also leads to a state-recognised certification. The qualification integrates practical experience: Trainees work three days a week in a social institution such as a kindergarten or after-school care centre and attend classes on the other two days. To relieve the financial burden, the placement centres that pay the trainees – a model that has met with great demand.

In addition to the regular curriculum content, the technical school teaches the holistic Waldorf education approach, which aims to address the head, heart and hand. “The educators accompany young children in a way that allows them to develop at their own pace”, explains SAGST project manager Timotheus Wersich. “Role modelling, imitation, rhythm and repetition all play an important role in kindergartens and crèches.” Therefore, in addition to specialist theory and practice, artistic elements also complement or enhance the training: Music, eurythmy, speech formation and sculptural design expand the trainees’ expressive possibilities and support their personal development.