Valuable Downtime: Short-term Living in the KIOLA House in Oldenburg

The acronym KIOLA stands for “Kurzzeitwohnen Im Oldenburger LAnd” (short-term living in the Oldenburg region). The Diakonisches Werk supports this Lower Saxon model project whereby a multi-professional team works together to meet the special demands required by the high level of support the guest children need. The House’s dedicated team does everything it can to make the stay of their guests of all ages feel like a holiday. For parents whose everyday life is often focused day in and day out on caring for and supporting their disabled child, they provide a valuable hiatus so that they can devote themselves to their other children or find some respite for themselves. “Short break, big effect” is how the people in charge sum it up.

The House, which opened in autumn 2020, has space for up to twelve children, adolescents and young adults. SAGST has participated in financing the House's comprehensive facilities. Nursing care bathrooms and beds as well as other furniture and aids are specially tailored to the guests’ needs. They can cook together in the large, barrier-free kitchen. Moreover, a multi-purpose room, a therapy room and a relaxation room are available to make their time in the house as pleasant and relaxing as possible. “The KIOLA House is exemplary for the urgent need for a family focus in this area”, says SAGST project manager Konrad Lampart. “It closes the gap between outpatient and full inpatient services. The temporary relief for families can encourage them to care for children with multiple disabilities at home despite the challenges involved, rather than permanently placing them in inpatient care.”