The projects we support
are our windows onto the world.

The projects we support
are our windows onto the world.

What We Support

Project Insights

The goal of our public relations work is to make our current activities and exemplary projects more visible. That’s why the people and initiatives that we support take center stage, both in our print publications and on our website. Lighthouse projects both large and small are given a special place.

Here, we provide short updates that reveal current happenings among our projects. In addition, we present in-depth reports and interviews that create a vivid picture of the initiatives that our foundation is privileged to enable and support.

To make this possible, our public relations team visits many of the projects together with the responsible project managers and gets to know the organizations and people on location.

We hope that these reports, in text and image, help to orient engaged individuals regarding possible support from the Software AG Foundation (SAGST) – and encourage them to tread new paths.

A very special hotel is opening in Oldenburg: the “Villa Stern” and the attached Café “Schnuppe” are barrier-free and committed to the active cooperation of people with and without disabilities. With the new hotel, the Stiftung Baumhaus (Treehouse Foundation) is continuing its long-standing commitment to creating an inclusive society.

Finding new friends in other countries, going to school abroad for a few months of even a year - many students want to use their school years as an opportunity to experience other countries and cultures. The online portal offers Waldorf students the opportunity to make friends around the world and to locate host families.

Since 1996, the seed fund of the GLS Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft (“Foundation on Future Farming,” a foundation associated with the GLS bank) has been supporting research and development in the area of organic and sustainable plant breeding. Since 2000, this work has been supported by close cooperation with the Software AG Foundation (SAGST).

In conventional agriculture and livestock breeding, speed and high performance come first, while the well-being of the animals is often a low priority. Ecological farmers have other criteria: in dairy cow breeding, for example, they value long-lived and robust animals that are well suited to their environment. Cattle family breeding, in which the farm's own cattle lines are used for breeding, is especially suitable for organic farms because the animals are optimally adapted to local conditions.

When examining the development of calf rearing techniques in the last few decades, it is striking that the natural approach of rearing on the mother has been replaced - with great effort - by an artificial approach that separates the calf from its mother. The practice of isolating calves is often justified with the argument that this lessens the spread of disease; the social aspect of cows, however, has been lost from view.