The projects we support
are our windows onto the world.

The projects we support
are our windows onto the world.

What We Support

Project Insights

The goal of our public relations work is to make our current activities and exemplary projects more visible. That’s why the people and initiatives that we support take center stage, both in our print publications and on our website. Lighthouse projects both large and small are given a special place.

Here, we provide short updates that reveal current happenings among our projects. In addition, we present in-depth reports and interviews that create a vivid picture of the initiatives that our foundation is privileged to enable and support.

To make this possible, our public relations team visits many of the projects together with the responsible project managers and gets to know the organizations and people on location.

We hope that these reports, in text and image, help to orient engaged individuals regarding possible support from the Software AG Foundation (SAGST) – and encourage them to tread new paths.

What kind of agriculture could feed us humans healthily without depleting our natural resources? And how can medicine take a broader view of health that considers not only the composition of our diet but also the circumstances under which food is produced? Until now, medical students have rarely found answers to such questions during their studies. This is where the medical-agricultural study year comes in.

The Software AG – Foundation is a new sponsoring partner of the Virchow Prize for Global Health, established by the Virchow Foundation in 2021. This year, the internationally acclaimed award recognizes the life's work of Cameroonian scientist Rose Gana Fomban Leke for her infectious disease research towards a malaria-free world and relentless dedication in advancing gender equality.

Forty years ago, Witten/Herdecke University started teaching as Germany’s first private university, setting new standards with innovative learning and exam formats. In light of the current ecological and social challenges, it is clear that such a holistic approach to education and research is more important today than ever before.

With “Careleaver Weltweit”, the Kreuzberg Kinder- und Jugendstiftung supports young people from precarious backgrounds who are interested in voluntary service or other opportunities to spend time abroad. Recently, those in charge and the scholarship holders met the programme’s patron, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock.

A successful model celebrates a significant anniversary: For ten years, the Diesterweg Scholarship (DWS) in Darmstadt has supported primary school children and their families – with and without a migration history – during the transition to secondary school.