SAGST implizit 2022

“Something spiritual is behind all material, and this is true of food as well”, the philosopher and founder of anthroposophy Rudolf Steiner once said. That is precisely what the now more than fifth issue of the Foundation magazine aims to convey through its unusual structure comprising two titles and narrative strands that meet in the middle of the publication. It illustrates the special connection between humans and plants: their subdivision into head, heart and stomach or root, leaf and flower runs as a graphic and structuring leitmotif through this issue, which aims to shine a light on initiatives and projects that are breaking new, newsworthy ground around the topic of “nutrition”.

In the articles for the printed edition, which can be ordered free of charge at info(at), as well as in the online special below, the publication not only focuses on healthy food and its origins and effects but also implicitly on everything that strengthens the body, soul and mind. This includes learning experiences in connection with natural processes and cycles, such as those made possible at the Dottenfelderhof biodynamic farm or in school kitchens from Stade to Stuttgart, as well as the experience of relationships while cooking and eating together or breastfeeding.

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